1. Script

We craft your story

To make a start we need to know what’s the goal of the film and what do you expect from us. You may know exactly what do you want. Or maybe not? Don’t worry, we’ll suck from you all the information we need to have the full picture of the project.

We’ll analyze this information and adapt it to an audio-visual language. We’ll work together to produce a script that puts your message accross.

2. Shooting

We capture it

To ensure that all the shots are achieved and all the material we need for the editing stage is captured, we plan and arrange every shot very carefully.

We’ve shot with success all kind of videos, from corparate and documentary to spots and events. We focus on obtainig great footage whilst having smooth and delightful shooting days.

3. Editing

The power of storytelling

For many people the editing stage is often when all the magic occurs. We go through all the media and organize it. Then we creatively assemble it to reveal the story behind.

Having the script as starting point, we deliver a first cut to the client and take it from there, fine tuning the edit until we make sure it is perfect.

4. Color Grade

Get the perfect look

Once we all are happy with the editing, we are ready to jump to the next stage. Color grading is a fundamental step to make your video look awesome.

During the shoot, we captured very flat images containing as much highlight and shadow detail as possible. Don’t panic, in the color grade we’ll adjust contrast, color balance, saturation… and also will achieve that special look that will provide a memorable visual contex to your project.

5. Graphics

Make your video stand out

Now that you have a great looking video, why not take it to the next level?

We can add animated graphics in a way that real images interact with motion graphics, 2D or even 3D animations.

This can be used to make the video more apealing and engaging, or to strengthen concepts that are visually strong.

6. Design

We design for motion

When producing animated videos, the first step after the creation of the script is the production of a storyboard and styleframes.

The storyboard is a way to pre-visualize what will happen on screen, and it should be simple and easy to follow. As we made with the script, we’ll send you a first version and then discuss possible changes until we all are happy.

The styleframes show how the final desings will look, so we achieve the desired mood.

7. Animation

Bring your videos to life

When the storyboard and styleframes have been approved, the project comes into the animation process. We illustrate every part and every element included in the storyboard, keeping the same mood than in the styleframes.

Then we create beautiful motion keyframe by keyframe. We’ll send you a first draft of about 20-30 seconds to confirm that we are in the right direction, and then finish the piece.

8. Sound

Sound is often 50% of a movie experience.

We make sure we get it right.


Music is one of the most important elements of a film, because it’ll set the mood and feel. It must also emphasize what is happening on screen. We’ll pick the perfect track for your movie.

Voice Over

Male or female, we have recorded voice overs in more than 10 different languages, from English (UK or US) and Spanish (Castilian or Latin American) to Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese…

Sound Effects

Sound effects are often more important than you might think. The tick of the clock and the sound of a car passing by synchronizes with them in the picture, so you live an immersive experience.

Mix & Master

Finally, we gather all the sound elements and proceed with the mix and mastering. We polish it so every element sounds as it should and provide a glossy finish as a whole.